Harsha's Healing Services

It's my honor to share the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui.
When energy changes, people change.

Creating Right Chakral Conditions
Improves Physical Health,
Transforms Relationships, Facilitates Emotional Healing,
Increases Spiritual Connection.

13 years of Journey and many more!

During the month of March (2007), I was introduced to Meditation on Twin Hearts in a small village named Murakambattu, Chittoor by Bharati akka. She taught me Meditation and encouraged me to take Pranic Healing Level 1. 

Blessing Mother Earth through hands was fascinating and I could feel tingling sensations as if something was flowing through my hands.

I actually didn't know what I was signing up for. But the concept of Aura and Chakras was unknown to me and I found it fascinating. It's the MCKS Kriyashakthi workshop with Master Danny that changed my life. The 5 principles blew my mind and applying them changed my life. Then, I started reading "Miracles through Pranic Healing" book. My journey to become a healer sky rocketed!

Becoming Certified

Becoming Certified Associate Pranic Healer is a great blessing!  

As they say, “the test of the pudding is in eating,” not in empty talks and speculations.

Pranic Healing offers Principles, Concepts, Techniques and Applications. Consistent & proper application of Pranic Healing produces results.

Approaching a Certified Practitioner ensures proper & thorough application of techniques.


Teaching is my passion

Introductory Talks

I facilitate MCKS Pranic Healing Introductory talks in San Ramon, Los Gatos, San Jose, Sunnyvale, SantaCruz & Fremont. Come join me in these empowering talks to know more about Pranic Healing and How it can help you.

Meditation Workshops

We conduct Meditation night both in person and Online. Every day at 5.30PM, join us online to meditate on twin hearts to bring more into our lives and onto the planet.

Online Sessions

I offer online MCKS Inner Forgiveness, Great Invocation practices on weekdays. These practice heals your soul and helps you sleep with peace.

How did I start my online Sessions?

During my Initial years of Pranic Healing, I used to imagine myself facilitating Inner Forgiveness to a group of people on ppmaudiostream website. It used to be very popular website where eminent speakers share their stories. I so wanted to be one of them not knowing that I didn’t have neither intellectual understanding of technique nor practical experience with the teachings.

Many years later (10 years), group of my friends and I wanted to practice the MCKS Inner Forgiveness technique regularly. Just a group of us. Slowly word spread to their friends and every one started joining & unfortunately, Google Hangout ran out of bandwidth. Master Marilag introduced me to Zoom which changed my life in 2016. Every week, we had hundreds of Pranic healers joining my forgiveness sessions through Zoom every Friday. It’s been 3 years. By the grace of my teacher GMCKS, We still continue it.


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