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Heal your Chakras | Heal your Life

My life was touched by teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

I want to do my best to spread the teachings of MCKS Pranic Healing.

How did I become Healer?

During the month of March (2007), I was introduced to Meditation on Twin Hearts in a small village named Murakambattu, Chittoor by Bharati akka. She taught me Meditation and encouraged me to take Pranic Healing Level 1. I was curious of Chakras and Aura not knowing the fact that this will become passion one day in my life.

When I look back now, literally I spent last 12 years trying to understand and apply the teachings of Pranic Healing. (Of course it’s a continuous process)

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Certified Associate Pranic Healer

My zeal to apply the technique in it’s purest form helped me become Certified Associate Pranic Healer. I offer Professional Healing Services and Emergency healing services to the needy.

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I realized Teaching is passion and it’s in my blood. It has become my drug. Helping fellow Pranic healers in understanding techniques and inspiring or pushing them to practice is one of my strongest skills.

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Practionioner of Mcks Teachings

Beginning from Sweeping techniques in 5 Levels of Pranic Healing to all the way to Purification techniques in MCKS Arhatic yoga, all of them touched my life when I needed them the most. Those tools continue to help me become better person. Applying MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy when I go through challenges, helps me experience calmness. Using Pranic Crystal Healing techniques uplifts my mood.

How did I start MCKS Inner Forgiveness?

During my Initial years of Pranic Healing, I used to imagine myself facilitating Inner Forgiveness to a group of people on ppmaudiostream website. It used to be very popular website where eminent speakers share their stories. I so wanted to be one of them not knowing that I didn’t have neither intellectual understanding of technique nor practical experience with the teachings.

Many years later (10 years), group of my friends and I wanted to practice the MCKS Inner Forgiveness technique regularly. Just a group of us. Slowly word spread to their friends and every one started joining & unfortunately, Google Hangout ran out of bandwidth. Master Marilag introduced me to Zoom which changed my life in 2016. Every week, we had hundreds of Pranic healers joining my forgiveness sessions through Zoom every Friday. It’s been 3 years. By the grace of my teacher GMCKS, We still continue it.


Pranic Healing is a Bridge to Spirituality

— Master Choa Kok Sui