With Harsha Reddy

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Harsha is a Certified Associate Pranic healer, Student of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. He has been practicing MCKS Pranic Healing & Arhatic yoga since 2007. He continues to spread meditation techniques and offers energy healing to help heal people. He successfully guided 120 days of every day meditation since the beginning of pandemic.

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Consistency: Regularly meditate with us. Build a healthy routine. Overcome your inertia through Group Momentum.

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Increased energy: Practice special breathing techniques to absorb revitalizing life force and increase energy level.

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Experience Inner Healing: Release repetitive negative thoughts, bothering emotions (stress or anxiety). By releasing and letting go, your chakras spin faster there by absorbing more fresh prana. This results in inner healing.

What are applications of Meditation?

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Increase your spiritual connection to your higher soul and bring-down lot of spiritual energy to heal your body-mind-spirit.

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Experience Deeper Aura cleansing. Learn various techniques to cleanse your aura using Mantras, breathing, exercise and blessing.

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Energy is Transmittable. In this meditation, you will radiate and bless Mother Earth's Aura and her inhabitants.

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Practice simple exercises to clean your Major Chakras and Aura. Make your Meditations much deeper.


  • Frequency: 8 Classes per Month
  • Every Monday and Friday
  • Each session goes for about an hour atleast.
  • Timing: 5PM - 6PM Pacific
  • Plus there will be bonus sessions that will help you increase your energy.
  • Event begins from Dec 1  2020 onwards.
  • All sessions will be offered via Zoom.
  • Recorded sessions will be available for next 15 days after the session has been completed.
  • Please choose the program according to the your commitment. Refunds will not be initiated after your first session. 

Bonus lessons

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Energize your Home 

Your home has an aura

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Let go

Release old negative connections. This helps you sleep better and move on from painful past

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Family Healing

Heal and transform the energy of your family and energise your relationships.

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