Experience Super Healing

Master Choa Kok Sui revealed Super Healing Technique in his Advanced Pranic Healing Book.  It's a package of two powerful cleansing techniques and one powerful energizer.

Internal Organs Cleansing Technique

Energetically, Detox your Internal organs using the powerful colored pranic energies. This has deep emotional healing effect too (especially if you want to let go of deep seated emotions)

Plus this excellent Stress relief technique!

Blood Cleansing Technique

Master Choa's special combination has deeper cleansing effect on lungs & blood. Blood circulates throughout the whole body , so as Chi or Prana. By receiving this, chi or prana flows freely throughout.

Master Healing Technique

By changing chakra conditions, you can absorb more fresh prana. This technique gives you more vitality. Especially, those who are feeling weak and fatigued, this would be an excellent addition to your health.


Strengthen Internal Organs

Greatly increase body's immunity and defense system.

Accelerates the healing process

Increase your energy level

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Experience guided (live) on Meditation on White Light

To supplement your healing sessions, I would like to offer live "Meditation on White Light" sessions. This helps to massively increase your energy level and recharge your body. 

Benefits of this meditation:

1. Helps you produce a lot of Biosynthetic Ki which can give you so much energy to involve in various activities.

2. Increases your healing power

3. Circulates the Prana within your body. The key to good health is in the flow. Unstuck and Unclog the meridians.

Power of Basic Chakra

  1. Part of the pranic energy of the basic chakra also goes to the brain
  2. Part of the transmuted basic energy is required for the proper functioning of the head chakras
  3. Basic chakra controls and energizes the muscular system
  4. The red prana from the basic chakra is used for energizing and strengthening the entire visible physical body

- Master Choa Kok Sui 

In our healing session, we will use a powerful consecrated laser crystal to extract all blockages in this energy center and super charge it and activate it.

This is the chakra of youthfulness and vitality and you wanna keep it clean.

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